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I am an accredited Life & Business Coach and certified Trainer, with a combined experience of 17 years in Human Resources, Coaching and Training working with over 25 different nationalities across all management levels in fortune 500 companies. During this time I lived and worked in Paris, France for 7 years (2009-2016) where I set up my business as a Coach and Trainer.

In 2016 I relocated back to Ireland where I continue to offer my services in the corporate and private coaching and training field.

I am a Member of the Association for Coaching and an Accredited Practitioner Coach with the IAPC&M.


ECR & ECR 360 Assesments, Coaching & Training

I am a certified accredited practitioner of the Roche Martin ECR & ECR 360 (Emotional Capital Report).  The Emotional Capital Report develops and accelerates Emotional Intelligence for leaders. It comprises of a psychometric test, followed by a coaching and feedback session to facilitate and interpret the results followed by further ECR executive coaching sessions.  Additionally I deliver one day Emotional Capital Workshops.

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Cross Cultural Training & Coaching

I am a Cross Cultural Training Consultant and Coach delivering Cross Cultural Training programs to business executives relocating to a foreign country for a work assignment. I train and coach on how to effectively manage and succeed on an international assignment;  training on how to be inter-culturally competent and adept so as to be able to effectively work, live, communicate and influence across cultures both in a social and business context.

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"Emotional Capital is the new psychology of leadership that describes a set of emotional and social skills that are most effective at influencing others. Leaders who possess high levels of emotional capital are known as Emotional Capitalists."

Martyn Newman

"The number 1 most valuable skill for the 21st century manager is the ability to successfully work across cultures."

Harvard Business Review


I work directly with companies offering coaching services to their employees addressing a number of different areas.

Some of the more popular areas are:

  • Recent Promotions / Job Transitions
  • Job / Goal Achievement, Improvement
  • High Achievers / Reaching Full Potential
  • Job Motivation
  • Developing / Enhancing Work Relationships
  • Clarity on Career Direction
  • Performance Improvement
  • Any other work related topic as requested

My key role as a Coach is to identify and clarify goals and objectives, uncover and work through obstacles and barriers to achieving those goals, devise a realistic and effective action plan, encourage, support, challenge and motivate throughout the process, ensuring goal achievement.

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